Trailing the buzz of last week’s Los-Angeles-centric vintage bonanza that is Inspiration and the Rose Bowl Flea, we asked our pal, favourite photographer, and PTJ wireman Eric Kvatek to give us a good serving of vintage deliciousness.

“In general, the serious dealers are at the Rose Bowl Flea with flashlights before 5AM and little by little, more and more people arrive later in the morning.  As the RRL – Inspiration after party was the night before, I made it to the flea grounds right at sunrise 7AM.  

There are two parts to the Rose Bowl.  On one side of the canal is the hardcore vintage clothing dealers, and the other side of the canal is more for antiques.  By noon, most of the serious shopping is over and the aisles are mobbed with tourists, families and LA hipsters.”

– Eric Kvatek

“Sam Roberts LA is pretty famous for his hats. He named the business after his son.”  – Eric.

“Shannon Mil & Co makes military pattern clothing out of Okayama denim and covers vintage Levi’s and US Army jackets with little embroidered flowers.”  – Eric.

“Cowboys and Indians came all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico.”  – Eric.

“Worn Over Time is the L.A. guru of Navajo jewelry and has been a Kapital model.”  – Eric.

Shot by Eric Kvatek in Los Angeles.