A little recount into our mix-tape library.  They’re mood specific for life’s planned and un-planned dramas.  When I’m on the road I have a habit of picking up music that represents the time and place.  It’s a great way to capture memories, or create them when you’re going about your day listening to something good.  At Ponytail Journal, we believe life should be a sensory experience, so these are some tapes we made for the funnest life possible.  They’re chopped up highlights that make me rocket and hope you enjoy them as much as I did putting them together.

P.S.  I most definitely wouldn’t call myself anything close to a DJ, but see these as my little gifts to you.  Gift-tapes definitely characterised my childhood and they give a great insight into the working mind and likes of the giver.  Happy listening.


Music For Dreamers 2a

salty coverA

music for dreamers ponytail journal c