The Ponytail Show: John Dennis

Today on the show we're looking at the world through John Dennis' glasses. His creative Universe, 'Sam Roberts LA' was named after his son. John's world is a rich spectrum of found objects, given new life by his team of artisans in California. His tools are relics from the past: counter cultures of the 60s; the Vietnam War; the turn of the century; Native American tribes; and curiosities from the far East name a few. They inspire hats, clothes and objects that speak to people in different ways. John's store in Ojai, appropriately called 'Valley of the Moon', houses his creations where he can walk customers through the story behind each piece. His thoughtfully considered pieces have a spirit that speaks to the counter culture movements that have drawn people to California from all over the world.

Check out Sam Roberts LA at here.

Podcast music was by E.L. Mahon

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