Avocado toast is one of those foods in the high return, minimal effort category. It’s simple, quick, delicious and healthy AND it keeps me full for a whole morning (a rare feat since I usually need a snack by around 10:30).

I wasn’t always a fan of avocado, I can’t remember exactly when I became a convert, but I now theorise that the early avocados I ate were not ripe and that was the reason why I didn’t like it. Ripe avocados have a creamy texture that recalls a vegetal version of butter (that’s also why they’re called the “butter fruit” here in China). Paired simply with salt and pepper, and you’ll have a quick snack or small meal for any time under 5 minutes. Slap a piece of toast under, and suddenly it becomes about 10X more amazing. There’s something about the crisp, slightly caramel taste of toast, with the smoooooth, buttery taste of avocado lightly dusted with salt and pepper, that makes avocado toast so appealing.

What I also love about avocado toast is that there are so many different variations you could do depending on your mood. If you want to keep it simple, salt and pepper will do. Otherwise, you could be fancy and add some lemon and olive oil, paprika, or even put an egg on top. (!!!)

So go forth and spread the avocado (toast) love.

Directions for Avocado toast:

  1. See Lauren’s video on Avocado smoothie on how to cut the avocado and get the flesh out.

  2. Cut slits into the flesh and fan it onto a piece of toast

  3. Sprinkle as much salt and pepper as you’d like

Optional: Olive oil, lemon, paprika, egg, tabasco, whatever you want!

Written by Ponytail Pal, Jiawei Qin (a.k.a Kiwi)

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