With anything in life, to master something is to understand its foundation. This is how I approach my ‘Tastiest Life Possible‘ food tube series, because I think everyone deserves to see how the basics are done. They are the building blocks of a good cook, and good eating.

This week I show you how to make the simplest, but (to me) tastiest kind of fried rice. There are only 3 key ingredients, rice, egg, and onion, but it’s the kind of dish you’ll be getting up for seconds and thirds.

Simple Chinese Fried Rice (serves 1 hungry camper)

You will need:
2 free range eggs
2 cups of day-old cooked rice (long grain)
a handful of green onions, outer skin peeled off
1/2 a brown onion, peeled
1tsp raw sugar
soy sauce or fish sauce
sea salt
rice bran oil

1 fresh birds eye chilli
soy sauce

Chop up your green onions into 5mm pieces, and keep in a bowl. Dice your onion (see this tutorial to see how) and leave aside. Beat the egg in a bowl with about 1tsp fish sauce or soy sauce.

On a high heat, heat your wok with about 2tbsp rice bran oil before adding your onions. Continuously stir fry until your onions become soft and translucent, adding the sugar to help the caramelisation along. Push the onions to one side, beat your eggs, and add to the empty space in your wok. Scramble the egg by scraping the outer cooked edges to the middle, and letting the liquid egg cover the gaps.

Once the egg is cooked, break it up into bite sized pieces with your spatula, and mix together with the onion. Add the rice, and squish with the flat part of your spatula to break up any lumps without breaking the actual rice grain. Fold everything together a few times to distribute each ingredient evenly, then add a pinch of salt to taste, and the green onions before turning off the heat.

Make sure everything is mixed well before spooning into your serving bowl. Serve with some chopped fresh chilli soaked in soy sauce and eat immediately!

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