This is a recipe for a boundless amount of energy brought by one cup of coffee. The first time I ever had this kind of good fat and caffeine induced energy serge, I probably had the most productive morning of my life. It’s a Bulletproof coffee, but I don’t think brand Bulletproof actually came up with the recipe, though they did a ninja job of giving it a super strong identity as a paleo friendly morning buzz that keeps you full all day and gives you focused energy for miles.

Nowadays I will make myself one of these power coffees when I’m strapped for time and need a good stomach filler. The best example would be this morning when I have a surf ahead of me and I want my body to give me the best performance it can. The grass fed butter is full of goodness like beta keratin and vitamin-k2, the nutrient responsible for decalcifying your arteries. This, and the coconut oil enable the nutrients in a good quality coffee (a freshly roasted single origin coffee, never instant) to be absorbed into your body much more efficiently. The MCT’s or Medium Chain Triglycerides in cold pressed coconut oil is a wonderful source of fuel that will give you more energy per calorie. It is metabolised differently, going straight to your liver from your digestive tract which is super efficient. It will also kill your hunger, so you won’t want to snack or stuff your face later on. So with this little recipe, I just want to give these two wonderful fats a better name for themselves. They are really good for you, and make a DELICIOUS coffee (like a caramel latte kind of thing!)

A Power Cuppa Joe

You will need:
a cup of freshly brewed single origin coffee (you can choose to brew it in a French press, aeropress, filter, or percolator… whichever tickles your fancy)
2 tbsp grass fed butter
2 tbsp virgin cold pressed coconut oil

Pour everything into a blender, and blend until all combined and a frothy foam forms on top. Pour into a mug and drink immediately.

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