I didn’t really grow up with rhubarb, in fact I think my first encounter with the poisonous-leaved plant was in my teens. Nevertheless, it’s super yummy stewed and eaten with cream or yoghurt for breakfast. I have a belief that being the first meal of the day, breakfast should be the most delicious and most satisfying meal. So I would like to share this super healthy morning treat with you all… I think almost anyone will be satisfied with a bowl of this as breakfast, a snack, dessert, or a late night treat!


Lemony Stewed Rhubarb

You will need:
a bunch of rhubarb, leaves removed
a 2″ round of lemon rind, or any citrus rind
a pinch of salt

honey or stevia
full cream yoghurt or pouring cream (I prefer grass fed)

Wash your rhubarb stalks and trim off the end before cutting into 2″ pieces. Place into a pot with, salt, and the citrus peel (squeeze the peel a little first so that the fragrant oils are released) and fill with water until almost covering the rhubarb. Cover and place over a medium heat for 10-15 mins. The rhubarb is ready when it is falling appart and a soft, pulpy consistency. Cool completely in the pot before transferring into a clean, airtight container for storing in the fridge for up to a week. Serve on yoghurt or with a generous lashing of cream and sweeten with honey or stevia to taste.

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