On my quest for the best eclair in Paris, I take myself to the super famous L’Eclair de Genie.  It’s a Sunday so everything is shut except for felafel joints, Japanese restaurants, Chinatown, and this wonderful place.  Stepping into the store, your eyes are greeted with the colourful cigar shaped goodies that are lined up like soldiers on the front line, ready to give their short-lived lives for their cause.  The next step is to decide which enticing flavour you are going to spend your five euros on – because five euros for an eclair is something that could cause uproar to certain eclair veterans, but since MY five euros is going to stretch me far into the afternoon when I take my treats to the park, I don’t feel so guilty.

Rows of Caramel Beurre Sale (salted caramel), Casse-croute Exotique (Jivara chocolate cream, mango passionfruit compote, and lime zest), Chocolat Grande Cru (64% Madagascar chocolate cream), Citron Yuzu (lemon curd, yuzu glaze, swiss meringue), Fou de patisserie (vanilla and orange blossom cream with fresh fruit), Frambois (raspberry cream and mascarpone), Mix Noisettes (chocolate hazelnut mousse garnished with hazelnut), Passion-frambois (passionfruit raspberry with a passionfruit cream), Praline noisette (hazelnut praline cream with caramelised hazelnut), Vanille noix de pecan (Madagascan vanilla cream with caramelised pecans) wait to be carefully lifted from their temperature controlled cabinet and into a fresh white box that perfectly fits each piece.

I leave the store with chocolate and salted caramel eclairs in the bag, headed for Parc Montsouris to devour them with some lush grass to cushion my tushion, (and I find the bumble bees really amusing in their super cute fluffy coats).  Each eclair is filled with the right amount of chocolate cream / salted caramel so that each bite is a luxurious mouthful of goodness that is housed in a thin choux pastry to give you some texture to sink your teeth in.  The salted caramel filling is a surprisingly bold yet not sickeningly sweet creme anglais that oozes out of its pastry tunnel, while the chocolate eclair’s filling is a satisfyingly mild fresh cream based one that perfectly accompanies its rich chocolatey glaze on top.  These are definitely happy little four-bite wonders that will find its place in your taste-memory for a long long while.

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L’Eclair de Genie by Christophe Adam
Concept Store Marais
14 Rue Pavee,
75004 Paris

Concept Store de Passy
Gallerie Commerciale du Passy Plazza,
53 Rue de Passy,
75016 Paris