A lot of people leave poaching eggs to restaurants or strange plastic poaching contraptions to get right, but I say fear not! They really aren’t so hard to master! There so many methods of poaching my eggs like making a whirl pool in a huge pot of water, or wrapping them in glad wrap (and try to forget about the nasties that plastic leaches into food) before dunking them into boiling water, and I’m sure these methods work for many people, but I would like to show you my way that never fails me.

Perfect Poached Eggs

You will need:
2 fresh, room temperature, free range or biodynamic eggs
2tbsp white vinegar or apple cider vinegar

butter (optional / I use grass fed butter)
salt and pepper

Fill a saucepan with water and bring to a simmer. Meanwhile, crack your first egg into a small vessel that can me submerged into hot water (I use a metal measuring cup). When the water in the saucepan starts to bubble, add the vinegar and turn down to the lowest heat possible (you don’t want any large bubbles breaking up the whites of your eggs). Slide the first egg into the hot water (I literally submerge my measuring cup into the water so that the egg can stay as whole as possible). Keep an eye on the water to make sure it remains at a super gentle simmer and watch the egg white transform from a translucent state to an opaque state (about a minute). Once all of the white has become opaque, use a large slotted spoon to gently lift the egg out of the water from underneath. Place onto a plate and repeat with the second egg. Once you get the hang of this technique, you can start to poach 2 eggs at a time, making sure that the eggs are far apart from each other in the saucepan.

I like to serve my poached eggs on a bed of rocket and parsley pesto (refer to my pesto recipe) with a good knob of butter on top and some salt & pepper.

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