Who says you can only eat my PLUMP BUNS WITH CROSSES ON THEM (A.K.A Hot Cross Buns) toasted with butter? (NB: This is a very delicious way to have them).

Play a game of mix ‘n’ match tomorrow morning…  Experiment with seasonal fruit, cheese / curd / yoghurt, nuts, seeds, spices, honey / maple syrup, bacon, sea salt, caramel, you name it!  A little daring confidence, and taste as you go.  Before you know it you will have deconstructed, morphed, reconstructed, exploded, and imploded to make a truly unique and interesting form of Hot Cross Bun.

This morning I had mine toasted, buttered with a little salted grass fed butter, torn apart with my fingers and scattered on a plate with some fresh figs (Aussies have it so good right!), creamy greek style yoghurt, raw honey, and some crumbled burnt bits for texture.  Woahhhh


(The Easter Bunny made me do it)