I will open by recounting my past couple of weeks on the road around Thailand.  Week one took me to Chiang Mai, a Northern provence, where the air is still a little crisp in the mornings and the people are ultra laid back.  They’re quite the opposite to Bangkok folk, all inquisitive, and inviting.  It reminds me very much of a village where new comers are welcome with open arms, shown around with pride, and taken care of.  Here, I see a lot in common with the mountains of neighbouring Myanmar.  The curries seem familiarly spiced and the textiles have a wonderful weight to them because of the cold.

This is where I was shooting the upcoming Kapital campaign with the delightfully merry team and as always, Eric Kvatek as totem photo wrangler.  I had the pleasure of meeting Unforeseen Circumstances designer Teo Grisham and baby skinned, mama lady Nicola Corl doing our hair and faces every gosh darn early morning.  I really admire her understanding of the brand and what is needed in terms of face painting-s.  Hair is barely touched with a little extra grime added for goodness, and our faces were left wonderfully light and clean with the help of some good moisturising.  All I can say is, imma lucky gal.  There’s nothing like working with a team that you can make jokes about buttholes with, while maintaining a professional level of composure and creativity on set.  This week unfolding I will take you on a detailed tour of how this shooting business works.  Make sure you keep an eye over here, as well as Vogue Australia for my denim nerd outs and spoiler spillage.

Meanwhile, I thought I would take you on a jolly ride through one of my favourite (second to bare faced) looks on set.  The good ‘ol blue liner on the upper lid.  Boy did it look swell on my pal Gung who has an incredibly rich skin tone to rock the look.  After spritzing her face with an all natural spray and gently priming her face with moisture, Nicola evened things out with some BB cream and rosied the apples of her cheeks with a NARS blushing stick.  The lids were lined with that frosty blue, and finished with a touch of mascara.  Dope.


Face Painting Tools /

Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Cream

NARS Blush Stick in Multiple Orgasm

Palladio Eyeshadow & Liner Herbal Crayons in Blue Suede

Dr. Hauschka Mascara in Brown