Tucked away in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, a magnetic area for some of the world’s greatest retail experiences is Brycelands and Co., an anchorage for men’s fine tailoring and furnishings. It is a workshop space that houses some of the most pukka men’s pieces from their specially made Ascot Chang club tab shirts, to Sevenfold Firenze paisley ties, made exclusively for the store. Like any good providor, Bryceland’s & Co. wares are carefully groomed and altered by their dedicated employees who pour love and dedication into their wares. You will definitely see founder Ethan Newton himself behind the counter, polishing leatherwear so that you can almost see your reflection in their glowing patinas, working on alterations, or meticulously hand stitching button holes on special suiting for a client. Out back is Yusuche Ono’s studio, a respected new-wave, Italian-trained tailor who is dedicated to reproducing the Italian style in Japan.

Born and bred out of Sydney’s South West, our pal Ethan has worked under some great names in the industry like Hidehiko Yamane (Evisu), pattern making for P. Johnson Tailors in Sydney, and eventually co-founding The Armoury in Hong Kong where he found great value and respect for garments made in the port city. You could perhaps put it to Ethan’s Aussie origins to see through overused labels in the hashtag menswear world, this is a man who puts his money on honestly made, beautiful things. Moving on from Hong Kong he landed in New York city with Ralph Lauren before starting up his own solo show in Tokyo at the ripe old age of… 36. There’s no doubt that Ethan carefully built relationships based on admiration and respect with his store suppliers throughout his career. At Bryceland’s & Co., you see craftsman and artisan raised on a much deserved pedestal, as the store roots its pride in their skill and expertise.

For folks like us, you will have fun with the products that have filled a gap in the Japanese market. Not only will you find his broad shouldered, slim waisted fits a breath of fresh air, from the ultra slim, shorter cut fits that have saturated the market. The great thing about Bryceland’s & Co. is that they don’t crumble to conformity, seeking out an opportunity to widen our vision beyond the awkward cuts that anyone but a supermodel look ridiculous in. Having achieved this in the most subtle way, I find the store a refreshing approach to outfitting men.

– Lauren

The Bryceland’s & Co. take on a 1947 Levis 501, super slim at the waist with a wider leg, made in Japan, with Japanese denim on old workwear machinery.

Militantly polished patinas lined up along the floor.

Special Vintage pieces curated by Ethan.

Founder Ethan Newton

Written and photographed by Lauren Yates

Visit Bryceland’s & Co.
Jingumae 3-15-4
Shibuya, Tokyo

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