Ponytail Journal is a non-judgemental space where food and W’Menswear mingle in happiness.  If you’re like me, your feeds of all sorts are being bombarded with fashion week spam.  Catwalks on catwalks, models and bloggers doing selfies of themselves in or around all this new schwagg making its debut to the world.  With so many designers showing their new collections, competing with each other to see who can make the most memorable and newsworthy show.  Opening Ceremony did a pretty stand out job of this doing a much fun theatre production, but then Marc Jacobs came a long with his no makeup policy and just kicked everyone else to one side.

I just want to give you a little food porn come W’Menswear goodness.  This is what Isabel Marant has given the cooling Northern Hemisphere.  It couldn’t be more up my alley to be honest.  It’s all about wonderfully heavy textiles like overgrown woollen plaid jackets that kinda make me think of the classic red and black Woolrich overskirt.  She has also given us South American inspired woolies constructed in her own playful yet elegant way.  I was also taken by a pair of fur moccasins that are just so necessary in a winter wardrobe if you’re Japanese, or live in a snow dusted farm.  This collection feels like all the key pieces in my winter kit, translated into I.M language.  Goodness indeed.

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