One soggy summer, team Kapital, our pal Eric Kvatek, a bunch of fresh faced Hungarian models, an all-woman army Eva Bajomi, and myself met in Budapest to dance the Kapital Autumn Winter 17 ho-down that became, “Bad Opera”. This theme of the ho-down was a beer fuelled idea of photographer Eric one night in LA, weeks previously master-minded in a dive bar (where most of Eric’s best scheming is done) and thanks to a very smiley, very giggly, and all-up nice guy Kiro Hirata who is the creative engine behind the label, these wheels were set in motion.

That brings the story back to Budapest where summer seemed to skip it’s step, bypassing us and leaving a very suiting weather system for the denim down suits, polyester sheeps fur, blanket wool, and bubble wrap rain coats (which will only surface in the real book edition and another reason why you need to get you hands on a copy).

Late one night I arrived to complete darkness and silence, trying to figure out how to reach my hotel room. I pass a half dressed Eric in the hotel hallway who mumbles at me and vaguely points me to the direction of my room before disappearing into his snoring man-cave. Tomorrow’s shooting starts as early as daylight (as per usual) and the night crackles in silence as everyone is in the dreamland. My roomie, Heen, a softly spoken New York based Thai gal with jet black, ultra long hair lightens up when the familiarity of her mother tongue rolls out of my voice box. Thanks to both of our experiences from past Kapital shoots, we knew we had just landed for a wild ride ahead…

Amongst a week of little sleep, heavy Hungarian feasting, all of the garments temporarily stuck in Hungarian customs, hang outs in abandoned military bases, countless confused onlookers in the local park, Eva breaking her ankle and continuing to lead as producer, then the experience of drinking her mum’s potent homemade moonshine in her extraordinarily bohemian home… The week couldn’t be complete without the final scene shot in a local pole bar where we were met with their finest hospitality. The bad opera definitely met all of my hopes and dreams. Thanks Eric.

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Shot by Eric Kvatek / Styled by Kiro Hirata

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