There’s no getting away from the fact that dressing well and making a concerted effort in your presentation often goes hand in hand with facing life in the spotlight. As well as inspiring those around you with your considerations, your own unique style will do a lot to turn heads, attract attention and garner support.

We have always been incredibly blessed with great role models (past and present) from politicians to humanitarians, from royalty to pop stars and actresses, women have never had more to say, or a bigger stage on which to say it. I’ve taken a few truly inspirational women to explain to you how their wonderful style left a life long impression in my mind.

As a woman in a man’s world, Mary Barra has worked hard to make her mark, and now, as CEO of General Motors, she is inspiring a new generation of businesswomen and fashionistas. Having participated in the recent #ilooklikeanengineer Twitter hashtag, Mary made it very clear that her looks, and style, do little to define her, or speak for her abilities as a businesswomen – and nor should they!

Michele Obama is married to the most powerful man in the world. It’s a job in itself, but she’s not content with being her husband’s arm candy (despite her flawless appearance, attention to detail, and accessorising!) No, Michelle Obama aims high herself, working hard to use her position to address important issues like struggling military families, working women, supporting the arts, improving education in America, and child development. She regularly tops the style polls, and for good reason.

When Dr. Marie Charles isn’t on the medical frontline, she is recognized as one of the world’s most stylish charitable figures and professional women, cutting a striking figure in a series of suits and tailored dresses whenever she’s fundraising or raising awareness of global health crises. Hers is a look of determination, femininity and confidence, yet Dr. Marie’s organization, Global Medic Force, is a credit to her hard work. Combining medical knowledge with entrepreneurial skills, Dr Marie Charles is often invited to be key speaker at conferences and events.

You’d think that life as the future queen of England, and mother to a beautiful baby princess and a future king would be enough work for one woman, but Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge manages to fit a whole host of inspiring duties into her daily routine. These include charitable visits and patronages to organizations such as the National Portrait Gallery, Action on Addiction, and the Natural History Museum. While her humanitarian efforts are frequently compared to the similarly stylish Princess Diana, it is the Duchess’s wardrobe that often attracts the most column inches. Being demure, approachable, and ultimately stylish has held Catherine in good stead, and she continues to win over the public.

Although not exhaustive, this list hopefully goes some way towards representing some of the world’s most influential and stylish women; indeed, if it causes you to look a little more closely at an entrepreneur’s dress, or research a particular cause, then my work here is done.

/ Words / Chloe Swift /

/ Pictured above is Amelia Earhart, American Aviation Pioneer, Author, and huge inspiration to us here at Ponytail Journal /

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