Chez Vogue Australia this week Lauren talks about banishing the sartorial anxiety that is ‘fear-of-missing-out’ to embrace the wardrobe that is utterly you. The choice is to spend your life chasing your tail or to be content with the uniqueness that is you right?

“A good wardrobe is full of special memories. It should provide support, and contain the right tools to confidence and contentment. To me, your wardrobe doesn’t transform with each short lived fashion trend, but it should be ultra versatile, condensed, and to the point. It should have a strong stockpile of basics, the foundation to most days, as well as classic pieces that transcend trend – a good way to eliminate the anxiety of choice when we put ourselves together day-to-day.

Finding out the best shapes that flatter your body in all the right way is key to a timeless wardrobe. For me, finding a perfect fitting white tee, oxford shirt, or pair of jeans are the first step towards feeling good in my own skin (or clothes!). Once you have found these pieces, you may never want to stray away again. In cooler months, I find myself returning to the same pieces like my military jacket, my favourite anorak, and my trusty workbooks (all of which have been with me for years). Dressed up or down, I always have piece of mind that these key items flatter my shape and no doubt will stay with me year after year. I find much comfort in that.

Timeless wardrobes are that for a reason… your clothes should last a really long time. Today it’s more important than ever to invest in well made garments that are made from beautiful materials that will age with grace. Choosing wool over acrylic, cotton over polyester, denim over spandex, and leather over vinyl. These natural materials will actually get better with age and you may never want to change your favourite wallet or pair of jeans for anything else.

Your timeless wardrobe will always treat you well and with respect. You will look effortless whether you are gardening or heading for a meeting, because the value of quality and fit is far greater than keeping up with trend.”

– Lauren

  • ABOVE / vintage linen safari dress and gingham shirt, Royal British army jacket, W’menswear hemp and bamboo bag, and Red Wing Heritage boots.*

  • ABOVE / Barbour waxed cotton bucket hat, and vintage military snow parka.
    BELOW / Ralph Lauren riding boots, vintage French work cloak, Velvasheen tee, Ines de la Fressange chinos, and bespoke dress by W’menswear.*

This was a post written for Vogue Australia by Lauren Yates.

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