Expect Kapital’s signature game of layering textures and textiles to give us looks that are charmingly exotic, and full of weathered personality. Like their epic catalogues, Kapital shows feature a cast that speak the language of swag and character. To be honest, that’s what make the brand so right in my eyes.

Their fundamental values keep them true to their vision and identity. That’s why they’ve always danced to their own tune, because fads and trends of the constantly evolving fashion world don’t make ripples in the world of their own. This instalment of timeless goodness, we see some great takes on classic coats, military, French workwear, and knits that transport you to their wonderfully dirty, cool world where people are free of judgmental baggage. At least this is what I gather from designer Kiro Hirata whenever I have the pleasure of his company. What keeps me interested and pulled-in, are the crazy pieces that are plagued with detail like creepy crawlies in a horror film. These romantic garments are sometimes made on runs as small as 3, go figure. Most labels would melt at the idea, but triumph to the art of mind over matter, as those who are fired by passion will always win.

Kapital personified, is someone who understands the value of good things, but doesn’t give two hoots about their belongings. What a big bag of style that person is.

Below are my picks from the collection, shot by my pal Eric Kvatek in Hiroshima.


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