I can’t help but be super proud when my pals work with our favourite labels, this is the case this Fall Winter with our buddy Ngonngon (aka Tiri in the modelling world) who is female face for the latest Engineered Garments campaign. I’ve always stood my ground on the fact that EG make the best fitting blazers a gal could ask for. Their three button womens blazers pop up every season in wonderful textiles to suit the occasion. Why fix it if it ain’t broke. I particularly love its loose fit and rounded shoulders that give ladies a super cute silhouette, so to say it can dress something up and down at the one same moment.

Engineered Garments are another label that I would wear mostly their whole collection, which is a rare thing that I find myself saying. It’s a kind of sophisticated approach to tailoring, composition, and construction that is painted with a hue of ‘nowness’ that I think keep them at the front of the w’menswear game. Their pieces feel very of-our-time, a kind of hybrid form that references our present, past, and future while keeping a low key kind of coolness. They are pieces that should be styled with your favourite wardrobe staples and when you step out of your front door, you stink of wearing-like-you-don’t-care-ness. This is something that is probably a super difficult feeling to capture into a garment.

This collection of photographs leave me eager to touch each piece, to see how they feel and hang. It’s a super contrast-y and highpass-ed bunch of photos that give me an understanding of the textural focus this season. The blacks are really black, leaving me curious to say the least, but a nerdy part of me just wants to see every single detail and in colour!!!

Anywho, I’m really digging their denim blazer, pant, and apron combo that Tiri rocks in the second look featured below. I’m totally feeling that great texture left from the washed finish. I also love the Thai fisherman pant looking number, great coverall, and duffel coat that looks to be a very textured printed camo wool perhaps. These are the simple things that are so hard to nail. Kudos.

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