We had an absolute blast shooting around NYC and Paris with Bill Gentle (a.k.a Backyard Bill).  You can check out our guides for both respective places for Farfetch [ have a look around NYC here ] and [ see my favourite parts of Paris here ] but I like these images that Bill kept for himself ] – the funnest ones that were too special to put into a guide.  ‘See you in Japan or Australia next time Bill?

Have a look at the full story over at the Backyard Bill Blog here.

PTJ Backyard Bill1  PTJ Backyard Bill2  PTJ Backyard Bill3  PTJ Backyard Bill5  PTJ Backyard Bill6  PTJ Backyard Bill7  PTJ Backyard Bill11  PTJ Backyard Bill12  PTJ Backyard Bill13  PTJ Backyard Bill16

/ Shot by Bill Gentle in New York and Paris. /