We went to hang out at Pladib Farm, just south of Bangkok in the breezy province of Phetchaburi, where Pladib restaurant (Bangkok) raise their staple crops for their business. Here, they grow copious amounts of sugar cane (owner Prew Pirom made us sugar cane juice and the most delicious barbecue salad), as well as an impressive variety of heirloom tomatoes (including badass ox hearts), traditional thai and foreign herbs and special ingredients like ‘kra-jiep”, hibiscus for making a traditional Thai tart and sweet red drink.

Down the road, we stayed at a humble yet stunning local resort called Thanatthicha Buri Lake Resort & Spa where they have a huge mass of natural land that they look after, with a horse ranch and lake. Two swell spots to visit if you make your way to Thailand.

Above // Lauren wears W’menswear Navy Fieldwork Suit / Bruna wears vintage fishing hat and W’menswear Indigo Field Shirt and Army Pants / Layla wears her own clothing.

Below // Bruna wears W’menswear Khadi Roll Neck Shirt and Garden Smock.

Above // Lauren wears W’menswear All-Weather Outdoor Jacket, WWII era USN army pants, and The Hill-Side sneakers.

Above // Bruna wears W’menswear Beige Fieldwork Suit and W’mens Tee / Lauren wears W’menswear Floral Camo Field Shirt and vintage army pants.

Shot by Lek Kiatsirikajorn at Pladib Farm and Thanatthicha Buri Lake Resort & Spa /
Featuring Bruna Silva, Layla Aukes, Prew Pirom, and Lauren Yates /
Production Newbrain Studio /
Styled by Lauren Yates /

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