Dear readers,

This is my shoutout to letting go of the year thus far, and enjoying movement, friendship, and being consumed by the moment. Yes I’m quite aware that this sounds like the most cliche line of them all, but there is so much to learn about yourself when you can let go of the reins, to let the Universe float you down stream. This is the reason why I love to surf and skate, because when you can allow yourself to be completely swept by motion and feeling, that’s when you know you’re doing things right. Inhabiting this awareness is trusting the goodness in yourself. So for the holiday season, I dare you to hold your fears and worries with compassion: trust the ocean so that the waves no longer feel scary.

– Lauren

Above // Bruna wears W’menswear x Slowstitch Studio natural indigo Marine Tee / Vintage Harley Davidson baseball shirt / Vintage Batik Shorts / Happy Socks / Her own sneakers and skateboard.

Lauren wears W’menswear x Slowstitch Studio natural indigo Pocket Tee / Vintage USN pyjama pants / Vintage USN Vietnam War era field watch / Papa Nui x Troy O’Shea cap / The Hill-Side sneakers / Globe Skateboard.

Credits //
Shot by Lek Kiatsirikajorn
Modelled by Bruna Silva and Lauren Yates
Production by Newbrain Studio.

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