We noticed Black Horse Lane only recently thanks to Instagram which has become a wonderful tool in growing niche communities like the denim industry. Their motivation is what stood out. These guys radiate a great sense of pride, and that invisible goodness is what strikes true. In the consuming climate, it’s like a breath of much needed fresh air to see a company rise to its feet in transparency.

The key element of the Blackhorse Lane Ateliers’ manifesto is to challenge the commonly held, modern day attitude of short-term gains, instant gratification and disposability. We, by the way, are quietly cheering in the background at the sound of this. These guys are trying out a much more responsible and transparent business model, which should be a great pay-off to customers and the industry. If only more entrepreneurs and business people could think more mindfully about how they run their businesses, we would have miles more value in what is produced and what we consume. So these guys are keeping it local. Each pair of jeans are made in their London Atelier, produced by locals, using selvedge and organic denims from Europe and Japan – not so local, but the textile industry is bound by the location of its mills. The question is if all of this good will shall pan out just so. That’s why we need to look at how they plan to grow.

As a community focused enterprise, all of Black Horse Lane’s factory employees and machinists are shareholders in the company. Interesting. This is a place to observe and learn how jeans are created and where people can visit our allotment growing Japanese indigo. So a couple of weeks ago these guys opened their doors to welcome us to the seasoning of their remarkable new brand that hopes to connect nature with industry in E17, London.

Pictured above is the Black Horse Lane Ateliers on their opening day in London.

Interested? You’ll be energised by their manifesto.

Blackhorse Lane Ateliers
114b Blackhorse Lane
E17 6AA

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