Our dear friends at Kapital never cease to thrill us with their beautiful sense of playfulness and ultra flattering silhouettes. Spring Summer ’17 is no exception to this, as we welcome the latest catalogue shot by Eric, “This is Africa” to our Universe. We have our eye one some rad pieces for the ladies, like the ultra wide legged denim work pants that draw your eye right into the waistline, or the Chinese button-down denim coverall that would make for the funnest playsuit ever!

Apart from the most beautiful garment washes and stunning Japanese cottons, the devil is always in the detail – like Kiro’s cunning nod to the classic Aussie Coogi jumper with a very Kapital skull on the left sleeve. We also really enjoyed the striped and quilted bathing outfit that seemed to have travelled through a parallel spacetime into our own.

What make Kapital so exceptional to us is the beautiful pattern making that accommodate for so make body types. This often forgotten aspect of the design process is why we love the brand, and it’s magical ability to design all encompassing garments for a multitude of shapes and forms. It makes so much sense when you look at the world they paint through their magical catalogues – exploring our Universe and embracing uniqueness, difference and the magic of existence. So let’s step into another dimension together… THIS IS AFRICA.

Shot by Eric Kvatek / Specially curated for Ponytail Journal by Eric Kvatek.

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