Though we at Ponytail Journal are very familiar with the Beams family, we would like to take you a little deeper into the family tree, introducing you to ‘Ray Beams’, the career woman of the clan (if the women’s line were a person).  Ray beams is a clever city gal who is driven and passionate about earning her place in the world.  Despite her focus and determination, she can’t help but get distracted by the beautiful moments that sit quietly in-between the chaos of city life.

Hand in hand, Ray Beams and it’s diffusion line RBS are telling the world to surrender to playfulness with their super fun take on familiar styles.  Think super wide culottes, roomy blouses, and the funnest shirting possible.  This summer the two brands are inviting us to marry a myriad of tastes and ideas: classic with casual, romantic with masculine, or whatever springs to mind that feels just right for the day.

Shot by P.Parker / Styled and modelled by Lauren.

Specially to Beams Bangkok and Beams Bangkok Paragon until May 10th, enjoy lots of goodies like cash vouchers and ‘Have a Beams Day’ totes in store when you spend upwards of six thousand Thai Baht.  While stock lasts.