We are nothing without community. It’s what enrich our lives with goodness and purpose. The Ponytail community has developed, grown roots, and reached out to some incredible people who are making their unique mark in our vast Universe. So as I watch time unfold and more connections synapse over a slowly sprawling network, it is an exceptionally warm feeling that somehow you all have benefitted from this niche little world that has blossomed on this little corner of the internet. We have this force to thank for this newly globalised connectivity, and despite the flotsam ‘n jetsam that clutter our online lives, and our daily feeds, it’s my belief that goodness has the ability to stand out more today than ever before.

Goodness in the garment world means a many great deal of things. It is a consciousness that drives the design process, a level of care that dictates its production, and most of all, a questioning of the system that we find ourselves in. Most of us strive for this goodness in our life, and to those of you who do, I congratulate you for your noble purpose. At the end of the day, if we can’t answer a simple question of ‘why’ we are doing things, then what is the point of doing it at all? People will never reach their full potential, nor will they be present in their waking hours of the day if they can’t answer the ‘why’.

So when I see new labels sprout up in our world where fast growth and expansion is valued the same way extroverted behaviour is prised over the contrary, I see hope and beauty triumph. It is wonderful to know that there is room for more friends at in our small corner of the Universe, and we welcome new projects like Syndrome by Syndro with open arms.

As the beginnings of a women’s workwear line that plunges into a lifestyle driven design philosophy, Syndrome is the ‘her’ to an established mens brand from Taiwan. Perfectly (geographically) positioned for production, a strong work ethic, passion, a growing economy, as well as access to an incredibly diverse range of textiles from neighbouring China, Korea, Japan, and further down to South East Asia; these guys are exceptionally geared for making niche luxury workwear. So it hardly surprises me that their first attempt at a women’s line is a neat little explosion of essential pieces in the w’menswear wardrobe. We look forward to watching more of this goodness unfold in the coming seasons.

– Lauren


Have a look at their collection here.

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