We collaborated with Aussie object designers Lyn Balzer and Tony Perkins [ 2 by Lyn and Tony ] to produce a jewellery collection to go with W’menswear Fall ’16.  We produced a range of salty jewellery that reflect the waves of time, collaged salvaged vintage denim and raw brass hardware into wearable forms that speak to the rugged Australian landscape.

The workflow couldn’t have been more organic, the two sides deconstructing their work processes to bring intricately woven neck and wrist pieces, inspired by greatness through history and our wonderful sensory Universe.  We all collect antiques and are fascinated by nature – in particular for myself, the ocean.  Commuting back and forwards between city and the Byron coastline, Lyn and Tony too have a close relationship with salt water and the sea breeze.  So of course, the pieces feel like strange objects one would find in a deep dark rock pool, hidden behind some strange seaweed.

Lyn and Tony have sourced vintage denim and reworked it into hand woven pieces, continuing their life on Earth, in turn (to me) giving space for the conversation of existence, and how we look to the past to move forward.

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Salt. \ ‘ sōlt \


Salvage vintage denim and solid raw brass.

[ Handmade in Australia by Salty Spirits ]


Shot and styled by Lauren Yates / Modelled by Patty Naomi Kazama