A Life In Questions: Wisdom School with Aaron Chen

Hey, how’s it going? I recently watched Aaron Chen’s ‘A Life In Questions: Wisdom School’ and throughout the 11 minutes and 34 seconds of the video, several questions arise. I’d recommend you to watch it just to take your mind off things, but if we’re being serious here, I did have some takeaways. Today I’m sharing five things we should ask ourselves and others, à la Aaron Chen, made applicable to everyday life.

1. How are you? This is honestly the most basic, simple, yet essential question for your question-asking kit. For such a simple question, there are so many layers that we can uncover from three simple words and one question mark. This question can be used as an ice-breaker for meeting new people and a great way to start a conversation. It can be thrown into a conversation to dissolve any awkward tensions or pauses. You can ask yourself this question, think about it deeply, and have it lead to a series of self-care and reflection on yourself. Plus you can add on any word to the end of it, e.g feeling - honestly the possibilities are endless.

2. Ponytails - How to make them ME? Ponytails are awesome. Arguably they’re the most versatile hairstyle in the history of hairstyles. If you have hair, you should at least figure out which ponytail works for you and have a couple of them under your belt for any occasion. Your basic ponytails include low-pony and high-pony: for putting your hair away from your face whether that be for washing your face, putting on makeup, working out, to hide the fact that your hair needs a wash, etc. You can wear your pony with any hair texture. You can pair your pony with hats, headbands, ribbons, hair-scarves, and beanies, or you can have them be the base for different hairstyles. You can dress them up or dress them down. If your hair isn’t long enough you can opt for a half-up-half-down pony, you can even do a front pony to get your bangs out of the way! Get creative! The possibilities are endless. We love ponytails, they're the best!

3. Honestly? Just one word yet so powerful. Similarly there are varying degrees to which this word can be used. If spoken to you, be sure to listen to the tone of voice used by the speaker. Use with caution.

4. How can I be more inventive? I think this question is a good way of substituting for the question - how can I be better (than someone else)? If you want to improve on something whether that be an assignment, yourself, or to master a new skill, if you ask yourself to be more inventive it makes you become more creative and original in how you choose to deal with any situation you find yourself faced with. Is there a way to be inventive with your apology? Is there a way to be inventive with my outfit today? How can I be more inventive with this gift I’m giving? Insert your situation here.

5. What's my flair? Lastly, I’ve reserved this question for you to ask yourselves. I think it's nice for us to think about something that sets us apart from others, possibly something we’re good at, something that makes “me” me. If you can’t answer this question then it may be time for you to discover it. Go out there and try new things to find your flair! If there is one thing I hope you take away from this I hope it's for you to ask yourself this question. And there we have it, five things I thought of to question myself after watching a video of someone questioning others. Be sure to watch the video yourselves so that you can come up with your own questions (and ​honestly?​ Just watch it to have a bit of a laugh).

  • Pippa
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