Bangkok is one of my homes. It’s where I spent my childhood and where I’ve returned over the past few years. I tell everybody that it’s one of the most fast changing cities that I’ve watched expand and grasp onto world trends. This is because there aren’t many other places that I can say have embraced the internet era the way Thailand has, and its capital city is a testament to social media being fertiliser to exploration and implementation. It’s my little window into how new trends affect the way people behave, how long they stick around for, and what that means for the future. Every time I come back to Bangkok, the surreal sight of change smacks me in the face. Sometimes I only have to be gone for a month to experience this overwhelming idea that time and change is an inevitable force in the Universe.

To have the opportunity to show people my version of this city is one that I will never take for granted. Here, function is brewed out of chaos, and you are constantly reminded that your existence is more like a tiny grain of sand in the Sahara dessert. When you start to understand how vast this city is, you can then appreciate the gentle way that Thais interact with one another. The Bangkok experience is a series of interactions and sensory explosions, that will linger in your memory like the first time you rode a bike without training wheels. Boat magazine nailed it in their latest issue on Bangkok. Get your mitts on it for all of this goodness annnnd my very own Luncheon Guide to Bangkok.

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