The latest addition to the Ponytail Mixtape family is ‘DRIFTWOOD’, a collection of sounds that smell like the sea and taste a little salty on the tip of the palette. Ride the sea and its waves of energy. Bounce against other molecules, and float amongst space for a moment with us and do so however you choose.

Featuring our friends, heroes, and greatness through history. Listen to the new, the old, and most of all the harmony between both. You’ll want to watch this eye candy on loop while listening for the ultimate ride.

Driftwood by Lauren Yates on Mixcloud

Track List /

Onra / Intro [ Fundamentals ]
Fujimoto Tetsuro / 6AM (Justly alone)
B_U_O_Y / close-open
Daisuke Tanabe / Cold Yesterday
Stereolab / Brakhage
Donald Byrd / Places and Spaces
The Triumphs / People Try My Mind
Slowdive / Souvlaki Space Station
Les Lutins / Elle na rien compris
Andrew Wartts & The Gospel Storytellers / What is the name
Tin Pan Alley / Yellow Magic Carnival
Rungfah Puping / Puyai Lee Santana
The O’Jays / Summer Fling
R. Kelly / Thank God It’s Friday
Brandy / Sunny Day
The O’Jays / Ship Ahoy
Onra / So Long feat. Chuck Inglish
Stereolab / Miss Modular
Katyna Ranieri / Acque Amare

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