We have long followed the journey of marine conservation by our friends at Fish Thinkers, a research collective of Australian-based aquatic researchers who have dropped anchor on the internet, to share their progress and findings with the world. Their blog is a magnetic force that draws on their findings, thoughts, and salty pieces by sea loving contributors, but also thanks to their incredible fish-cam footage of underwater landscapes, we are captivated by their work.

While fishing with co-founder Matt Rees in December last year, we were told that these underwater videos are shot in collaboration with the NSW Department of Primary Industries to monitor fish stocks and species for data collection. Matt laughed about his tedious task of counting every single fish that swims across the screen amongst hours and hours of footage – yes, it’s not the most glamorous task of the job, but to us, they are surreal windows into a parallel universe. Here are some curious Galapagos Whalers flocking into frame. Absolutely sublime.

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