This month I feature in Nylon Thailand‘s IT-GIRL issue, one that focuses on women who they see as a whole bunch of awesome. Of course I am super honoured to be one of these special people, and at times find it hard to believe that anyone could call this dorky gal any kind of cool. Thank you for the support Nylon, you give me much energy to keep doing what I do!


Starting a blog to better brand herself in the modelling world, Lauren Yates created something so special that it allowed her to officially call herself ‘blogger’.

What She’s Doing.

Lauren has her own blog Ponytail Journal, that focuses on lifestyle, style, beauty, and food. Because she is super passionate about making tasty breakfasts for herself on a daily basis, Ponytail Journal blog is packed full of delicious recipes and cooking how-to’s. As for being a model, she is very fortunate to have plenty of work because of the strong branding that Ponytail Journal has done for her personal identity. ‘She is lucky enough to work on projects that nicely click with her personality… and a big part of it comes from her blog Ponytail Journal, get it!

Source of Inspiration.

Lauren decided to start a blog for women that speaks its own refreshing new voice, and that also provides interesting content for men to read too. The name ‘Ponytail Journal’ comes from Lauren’s fondness of practicality. A ponytail is a smart-looking hairstyle that is super functional for an adventurous lifestyle like hers. Listening to her explain all of these parts put together is super fun.

Starting Her Blog.

At first Lauren thought that her blog would act as a supplement to her modelling career because it shared her lifestyle and character outside of modelling. Readers will know that Lauren is most definitely her own unique person. She sets herself apart from other models with her many special talents and that distinct style of hers that we all love. You’d be interested to know her many skills ‘n’ talents, with an education in cookery and photography, she’s also a surfer, a fisherwoman, a skiier, and loves adventure. These things have equipped her with all the goodness to explore life through her blog. In fact, Ponytail Journal has now overtaken Lauren’s career as a model in terms of making a steady income for herself.

Measures of Success.

Stepping out of the perimeters of the web, MR PORTER placed Lauren’s Instagram in their Top 10 Favourite Instagram accounts worldwide. She also has written travel articles for Conde Nast Traveller too. Lauren says that these, and every other opportunity that comes to her now is thanks to Ponytail Journal. As well as this, Lauren’s personal style-icons that she found inspiration from in the past now follow her, which she says gives her much confidence in PTJ.

What She Communicates to Readers.

Lauren says, “I want my life to be the funnest life possible.” This is actually her Ponytail Journal tagline, and this is how she tries her best to approach life.

Personal Style.

Lauren likes dressing herself mainly in mens workwear because it’s what’s functional. People would say that her signature style is a mix of vintage, and she likes to spend her spare time hunting for simple pieces that add detail to an outfit.

Things She likes to Cook.

Lauren makes healthy breakfasts for herself every morning. She’s not a vegetarian but she says she only eats ‘happy meat’, meat from animals that have been raised in good conditions and have had good lives. She doesn’t eat seafood that is unsustainable, so she catches it herself! This in turn means that she always eats good, clean and delicious food. Lauren eats organic when she can find it in Thailand [sometimes its hard when eating out] and eats vegetarian when happy meat isn’t available.

Looking After Herself.

She runs and practices hot yoga on a regular basis… She surfs when she’s in Australia, Phuket, or Bali [or whenever she’s somewhere where there are waves!] Other than this, she stays healthy by having fun in life, whatever form it comes in.

Inspiration from Travel.

Inspired by reading, Lauren regularly reads plenty of other blogs in the many areas that interest her. It is what inspires her to go on adventures, explore, and try new things. It’s lucky that her partner is a musician/producer because they often manage to travel together, but if she has to travel alone she makes new friends on her trips. She says it’s much, much better sharing good things with someone rather than keeping it to yourself.

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