Ponytail Culture Club: Holiday Movies Binge List

Ponytail Culture Club: Holiday Movies Binge List

Fresh on the Ponytail Culture Club, I like to share a guilty pleasure of mine that very few people I know had watched or enjoyed it, National Lampoon's Vacation. A comedy film sequel about the Griswold family going on vacation/holiday while continuously running into disaster and embarrassing moments. The ones I enjoy most are Christmas Vacation, European Vacation and Vegas Vacation.

Beside the sense of adventure on a road trip, there is something magical about doing everything or nothing together at the same time.

By all means, these film are not everyone's cup of cocoa but I am sure the quirkiness and silly humor that hold truth in our everyday life make this perfect for light watching especially when you are baking up that dessert for the holiday season or while going through food coma on a couch. Some other cozy selection I like to share are When Harry Met Sally and You got Mail both played by Meg Ryan.

For those ready to hit the next year, Hidden Figure and Battle of Sexes are on my list of hard-hitting film for hard-hitting women. Based on true stories, what made them truly exceptional is that it is not about ego or individual glory but for something much greater. Watching it will leave your heart expanded and mind motivated.

Hidden Figures

(Hampton, Virginia 1961 – Dorothy is under the car trying to fix it as Katherine and Mary wait. Mary notices a police car approaching them)

Mary Jackson: Girls.

Dorothy Vaughan: No crime in a broken-down car.

Mary Jackson: No crime being Negro neither.

Katherine Johnson: Button it up, Mary. Nobody wants to go to jail behind your mouth.

Mary Jackson: I’ll do my best, sugar. (the cop car pulls up by them and get out of his vehicle)

White Cop: Not a great place for three of y’all be having car trouble.

Mary Jackson: We didn’t pick the place, Officer. It picked us.

White Cop: Are you being disrespectful?

Mary Jackson: No, sir.

White Cop: You have identification on you?

Mary Jackson: Yes, sir.

Katherine Johnson: Yes, sir. We’re just on our way to work at Langley. NASA, sir. (all three show him their ID’s)

Dorothy Vaughan: We do a great deal of the calculating, getting our rockets into space.

White Cop: All three of you?

Katherine Johnson: Yes, sir.

Mary Jackson: Yes, Officer. (he takes Mary’s ID and looks at it)

White Cop: NASA, now that’s something. I had no idea they hired…

Dorothy Vaughan: There are quite a few women working in the space program, sir.

Happy Binging!

Words by Buranee Soh

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