The Ponytail Poor-man's Winter Sport

The Ponytail Poor-man's Winter Sport

Winter sports should be for everyone, and learning how to longboard is best when it's cold enough to be wearing heavy clothing, because you could be falling quite a bit! Wrist guards, helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads are highly recommended for beginners, and sensible folk will want to learn on a flat and quiet place like an empty car park. Once you start to get the hang of balancing on a board, pushing, slowing down, and stopping; you're ready to spread your wings and dive into the humble hill where the real fun begins.

The funnest feeling on a longboard, is when you're carving a turn on smooth road, which gives a sort-of whipping sensation when you finish a generously rounded turn on the edge of your board. Surfers, snowboarders and skiiers will know the feeling, but if you're none of those don't fret, you've got A LOT to look forward to.

Some basic rules when you're skating are that you wear good sturdy canvas shoes with thick rubber soles for breaking, and never to skate in dangerous situations (like amongst fast vehicles or on slippery surfaces). Once I came flying off my board after hitting a freshly varnished road marker. It was so glossy that my board came out from under my feet as I traversed the glassy yellow arrow on a carpark floor. Traction is everything on a skateboard, and like glossy surfaces, rain is also not your friend when you're going at speed. Stay safe and have a blast friends!


Where your eyes go, your body will follow.

Lauren wears W'menswear Rain Jacket, Army Pants, and Garden Smock; The Hill-Side blanket wool sneakers; Papa Nui beanie; vintage Vietnam War era jacket liner, and old tee.

Red makes everything go faster.

Lauren wears Papa Nui beanie (coming soon); W'menswear SS18 bandana; Vietnam War US liner jacket.

Low Squats and Good Posture.

Let movement carry your spirit to a new realm.

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