In this day and age, having a mixed identity whether it be based on your passions, heritage, or wherever you find yourself in the world, is inevitable. In my crazy little life, I find myself to-ing and fro-ing between different places, styles, and cuisines as a part of my daily existence here in this Universe. I think to embrace things that are different, or things that are unfamiliar, is to identify yourself as a 22nd Century human because diversity is an inevitable force of our ever-changing world.

A new friend Phil who embraces a ‘funnest life possible’ attitude to life recently featured me on his YouTube channel, The 100% Mixed Show, where he asked me about what it means to be a mixed person. To be honest, I don’t identify myself as a racially mixed person anymore because of my upbringing as a nomad child (who was fortunate enough to travel a lot thanks to my parents in the aviation industry). I do however see myself as having a very mixed sense of style, taste, and I also see that coming from a upbringing that had quite a hybrid value system, has magnetised my moral compass.

So without further ado, feast your eyes and ears on a little interview in my living room looking a little dishevelled after a morning of the usual running-around-like-a-chicken-with-no-head. This bung-toothed gal makes her debut to the big bad world, as 100% Mixed.

You can watch more of Phil’s show on his channel here.

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