Soup Of Goodness

Soup Of Goodness

As we basked in the January sun, its light touches our skin, warming us inside out, nurturing and energizing our souls with positive spirits. To start the year fresh, we decided to go on a detoxification trip to one of Italy well kept secret, Cascate del Mulino, a magical natural hot spring located in the southern part of Tuscany

Cascate del Mulino is one of the places I fell in love with instantly. The water source comes from the underground volcanic crater, that runs along a natural creek for 500meters before flowing down right beside an old mill forming natural waterfalls and creating a natural bath in rocks.

The photos I took are not doing this places justice! See more here

With deep breaths and lots of laughter, we brave the minus zero degrees celsius of the cold winter, undressing as fast as we could.

Ahhhhh. The warmth of the 37 degree celsius soup of goodness water welcome us like hot cocoa. So therapeutic and relaxing. The eggy smelling water is rich in sulphate and other mineral deposits, known to reduce blood pressure, increase lung ventilation and reduces cardiovascular and respiratory apparatuses. Needless to say, we spent a couple hours soaking in this natural jacuzzi, drinking white wine of the region that was kept perfectly chilled by the sub-zero air.

The strong currents before the point of the waterfall act like a water slide. It’s lots of fun sliding down and free-falling into a bigger pool at the end. The not so great part were the bruises we got from bumping along the ground of the creek and the extremely cold walk back.

Apart from our modern daily context that water is used for drinking, cleaning and washing, there are other mentions in various cultures and religions for centuries that water symbolizes not only spiritual cleansing but also rebirth, wisdom, the interconnectedness of all things, enlightenment and serenity.

Yet despite the water wisdom and the deeply rooted spiritual and religious values/beliefs that we have in our societies, wise water management is still a global issue. The uncertain climate change and rapid population growth are resulting in more frequent and intense droughts. As a whole we need to safeguard the earth's resources in the best way we can, to prevent the overwithdrawals of water in our ecosystem.

It is beautiful to come here in the late afternoon, to be in the transit between daylight and darkness. When the sun is below the horizon, everything feels surreal like a dream that you're aware you're in, but disappearing just as quickly like water flowing through cupped hands.

Words and images by Buranee Soh

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