We’ve been searching the wildest corners of the earth for some really fresh skincare – made by folks who take pride in living on this planet and all the touch-y, feel-y, smell-y, weirdness that comes with existence. Most of all, we think that you need to know why we are so enthusiastic about businesses with refreshingly strong core values who are re-defining our idea of luxury today. Meet some of the great team players who are pushing through with some wonderfully natural skin care that draw us into much peace and love. Here’s what we think of them.

Triumph & Disaster

How can you not smell the scent of honesty and great intention from these Kiwis? We are chuffed to be featuring people who have built their business on poetry and the responsibility that comes with putting things out into the world. These guys are mindful about every aspect of their showdown, from how indigenous ingredients nourish your skin, to how much waste we are putting out into the world. Impressed by their push to sell in bulk to hotel clients rather than those micro-sized bottles that’s never enough any who, we think that kind of thinking deserves a tip of the hat. Respect.

Their unisex skincare range speaks to the jagged landscape of far paradise. New Zealand, wild enough to be setting for Lord of The Rings, smells like fern, looks like black volcanic sand and echoes the noise of its fresh blue waters. That’s what you have to play with when you’re applying their Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub, that to be honest is a little too course for delicate skin, but left us feeling that same clarity as after a morning surf. It’s just right for those who need a good scrub, but we found it worked charmingly as a face mask when gently patted onto the face and left to dry for 5 mins. Their Ritual Face Cleanser is the perfect morning pick-me-up, gentle in its cleansing, and fresh with peppermint oil that circulates through your pores to the back of your nose. That’s freshness for you. We admired their sleek and generous packaging that was all the right tactile goodness that
feels considerate and plush – well done guys.

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Gentleman’s Brand Co.

These slick dudes from Down Under are making moves to spread their Aussie love around the globe. They’ve got a great range that definitely draws attention to a more holistic face care for men, which somehow is lacking in the world. Kudos to them for approaching the subject with the same delicate detail that we see in the women’s department, and we appreciate the fact that they have formulated two facial moisturisers for varying climates.

Their Facial Serum, which feels like a lightweight moisturiser, is spot on for summer or the tropical wet pack. They’ve also just released a Facial Oil to sit pretty with other bio oils, theirs is an unscented, raw, and unpretentious blend of powerful Raspberry, Pomegranate and Sea Buckthorn oils that an informed consumer would be happy to discover. Their kit is ultra simple, all natural, Aussie made, and we look forward to seeing future development from the brand.

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Sukin Organics

These guys have been round the block for a while, but we love how super approachable and unassuming they are. Perhaps they’re not as refined as the other players in this feature but we love how they are able to produce all natural skincare for the masses in a semi-kitsch but still pretty charming format. Their Hydrating Mist Toner is all we want in a simple face spray, rose water and chamomile, to prepare the skin with a burst of moisture before you start with the cream.

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Ursa Major

All the way from Vermont in the States, these guys have developed a powerful range of totally vagan skincare that’ll cover you from head to toe. We are so impressed by their extensive range and super fun core which really speaks to the Ponytail Journal way of being and spirit. It’s about drawing goodness from our surroundings, and a promise to deliver filler-free, toxin-free kits to get you on your way. Their Traveler’s Skincare Kit takes you through the forest – we see a lot of tree oils in the mix and love the way their skincare range can nourish your skin without feeling heavy or overpowering. It’s a sensory adventure.

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/ Shot and styled by Lauren Yates / Model @pattynk /

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