To continue the grand tour of our favourite little beach getaway, Hayama, just an hours’ train ride out of Tokyo, we’re taking you for a spot of coffee and organic spam at Soda cafe. Run by a husband and wife with the invaluable help of their daughter, Soda cafe sits sleepily facing the sea. Inside you’ll find a neatly organised trophy room of their favourite things – longboards, braided necklaces, colourful injection moulded skateboards, and a bunch of delicious goodies that make you feel like this is really an extension of their home.

Organic spam masubi, an old Japanese favourite of spam on rice made healthy, sit on the counter next to the homemade gluten free AND vegan baked goods in miniature size true to their cultural context. They are proud to serve excellent coffee and the wildest smoothies in town, and who would blame them when they have created such a magical space that reflects the slow rolling waves that peel off the facing point. Make sure you’re served by their adorable daughter who helps out in half size.

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Soda Cafe
1039 Horiuchi,
Hayama, Miura District,
Kanagawa Prefecture
Closed Tuesdays

/ Words and pictures by Lauren Yates /

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