This March 18th at 8pm, we have buddied up with Pronto Denim who are screening a very special Japanese denim documentary, “Weaving Shibusa” at Scala theatre. We are offering a limited number of tickets for you to watch this film which has beautifully captured stories of Japan’s top denim producers and the poetry behind their niche craft.

Weaving Shibusa hones in on the intricacies of what truly makes denim of the world’s top calibre so special, as we see the indigo hued cosmos behind many familiar faces – from the indigo dyers, to Etsuko Satou, owner of world famous Shinya Mills, to the brand owners themselves, denim obsessives like Atsusuke Tagaya of Stevenson Overall Co. or Mikiharu Tsujita of Fullcount.

The film gives unprecedented access to the mysterious and storied industry of Japanese denim, told by the only people who can; world-renowned vintage denim experts, the highly regarded “Osaka 5”, responsible for Japan’s denim revival, as well as passionate innovators who’s unparalleled work has made “Japanese Denim” synonymous with the highest quality possible.

What makes Japanese denim special is not only the materials, machinery, and techniques, but also the people and ideas behind the process. This film reveals the intense passion and insight behind Japanese denim, but also poses the question; what is the future of these garments that are so deeply rooted in the past?

Get a hold of our limited tickets by emailing your name to ponytailjournal@gmail.com

houtout to Pronto for making the magic happen.

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