We love when our friends make killer things. This is the case for our pal Charmian Kingston (aka BUOY) who has just released a new video, ‘Don’t Want To See You‘, the second single by this powerful lady and her co-producer Jack Grace [he’s also bubbling up something of his own and we had the delight of being a part of it… Just watch this space].

When I listen, obviously I hear Charm’s space-y voice that floats all over the soundscope, but I also hear so much of both producer’s roots. I hear hymns and church chords from their childhoods, I hear a longing to find their space and place in our sometimes overwhelming world, but most of all I hear a complex relationship between time, history, and two people. This complexity can only be achieved by two souls who have a bunch to say to each other more anything else. We are just at the other end of the explosion, listening to the power of grace… so lucky us really.

That’s the most I’ll ever dissect a piece of art, because this kind of greatness is to be experienced rather than intellectualised. It chokes me up and floats me away. That is the experience.

Yes, Charms got moves.

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