Hello all,

For the next 2 weeks, I find myself in New York on a bunch of missions in the name of w’menswear. First of all and most importantly, I will be shooting the look book for our precious garment project W’MENSWEAR with our pal Eric Kvatek who you might know from the epic Kapital catalogues or perhaps earlier 45rpm campaigns.

This is my very first line of clothing, and although I don’t call myself a designer, I have put together a small collection of my favourite vintage cuts and given them the salty spin that makes me excited about this planet. Think crusty copper buttons, fishing net, fishing trawlers that were deployed as mine sweepers during WWII, and you’re on the right track. Yet, true to my idea of creation, I do hope that these garments are a super smoothie of my favourite ingredients, blended in the right proportions to make a new flavour that pleases a bunch of people. I look forward to sharing the journey with you all and dropping in stores around Japan, the US and a few other spots around the globe. The idea of slow and steady growth in such a personal project delights me the most, so you won’t be seeing me push these precious objets online, but I’m delighted at the thought of people experiencing them first-hand in stores that speak the same language of care and quality that we do.

I also look forward to seeing some great new womenswear labels who are muscling up their garments to compete with the boys at New York fashion week. You’ll be able to stay in tune here, on my snapchat [ponytailjournal], instagram, twitter, and all the rest. Over at Vogue next week, I’m giving you my Life Hacks to battle stress and busy scheduling, all in the name of keeping in tip top shape… in life that is. Because, life.

There are some other great New York surprises in store for y’all but I shan’t say to much or I’ll spoil the fun.

Peace out,


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