You might have come across our pal Buoy on the radio or perhaps in our own space when we shared her powerful tune ‘Don’t Want To See You’, a very early track from her debut EP. Well what’s more exciting than seeing something in bloom is to watch it blossom. Charmian Kingston a.k.a. Buoy has just released her second EP, one that is rich with her own unique touch, her creative fingerprint if you like, and we are now experiencing the wonderments of an artist who has stretched her legs and is ready to rumble.

The exciting new arena ‘Break’, kicks off with a dancin’ single ‘Clouds and Rain’, taking you on a coaster ride through a nostalgic beat, lifted by some very sweet, fleeting chords that have you hovering into the atmosphere. It’s a progression of four tracks that are a wonderful testament to Charmian’s musical sensibility, and intuitive creative process. Each, giving you a taste of everything that makes her, HER. Whether you get a morsel of her favourite music from past and present, the inkling that she grow up around ultra-techy siblings, or the kindness that radiates warmth from her core, we get to understand her a little more of who she is with her music that she had both hands-in-the-pie making. This time round, the tracks bear more whirling emotion through poetry, a bigger window into her soul from the almost fragmented voices that narrowly broke through in her debut EP. If anything we are left looking forward to her long journey ahead.

While on tour around Australia, we asked Buoy a little more about what makes her tick.


Buoy’s Funnest Life Possible.

What do you do?
I make songs and sing them to people

Why do you do it?
Because I actually don’t know how to do anything else. It’s always been very natural and normal and essential for me to be drawn to creative expession and I’d be denying myself if I didn’t do it. That’s just how it is.

Who is your spirit person?
Hmm. Ohhh can I pick two? Bjork and Picasso

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Squished banana on toast with heaps of butter

What did you last Google?
“Old people sunglasses”… you know the huge black ones? I’m needing some heavy duty protection from UV rays lol

Winter or Summer?
Well winter means you can’t snorkel so I pick summer

Tea or Coffee?
I love both but coffee is my piece of heaven. I can’t have it that much though because it’s not good for vocal chords 😞

What does the word ‘goodness’ mean to you?
magical, real, whole, reliable, nutritious, present

Spill your deepest darkest secret.
As a kid I loved line-dancing

What is your zombie apocalypse escape plan?
I will learn how to breathe underwater and be a mermaid and eat sea plants. I don’t think zombies can swim?

Do you have any daily rituals?
I guess whenever I’m eating a meal, I try and be mindful and appreciate everything that I have in my life… the food on my plate, people, etc. 🙂 because there really is a lot.

Draw us a portrait of yourself

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uoy pictured above on tour down under wearing W’menswear Fall 16 chore coat and gutting smock. / Shot by Rachel Long and Dean Lewis / Words by Lauren /

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