My friends are a constant source of fun and inspiration. I feel super lucky to have such great and supportive people, who all have their own special talents and secret super-powers, around me. I would like to introduce to you a very special pal of mine, Patty Kazama. Born and raised between two opposite corners of the Earth, Brazil and Japan, she is another hybrid being that brings together the best of both worlds with her sassy don’t-mess-with-me-ness and at other times gentle kindness (opposites, I know, confused yet?)

As a model, Patty’s face has been published and broadcasted all over. She’s done her fair share of advertising and knows a thing or two about skincare from bucket loads of experience with long hours of wearing heavy makeup. For this piece I decided to show you the Patty I hang out with, stuff my face with, have weekly painting sessions with, and share my love for Spongebob with. This is the real Patty… Outside work hours you’ll find her in her Vans, a plain tee, and some comfy bottoms. She also has a killer body thanks to a fairly Bulletproof diet (with some delicious cheats here and there) and Pilates. I also admire her interest and commitment to a totally-natural skin regime. Over a cup of coffee one afternoon, I ask her to share her own mantra for ‘funnest life possible’.


Patty wears / Vans Sneakers / Bra by Dollhouse Bettie / Pants by Genetic Denim / New Era Cap by 59Fifty / Major League Baseball Tee /

Skin Theory with Patty.

“I think we’ve overcomplicated skincare through the years. We became lazy with our eating habits and lifestyle. We rely on quick fixes and shortcuts to solve our problems. We don’t mind investing into expensive beauty products and blindly applying them to our skin. It’s not like im perfect, I don’t think I’m the best role model, but I now realise that we completely neglect our bodies and it isn’t so complicated to take care of ourselves properly. Don’t you think? When I walk into the supermarket, I now find myself looking at the shelves thinking bullshit bullshit bullshit! But… my problem is that I can’t say this out too loud because as a model, I am the face that sells these products. It just shows how the game really works!”

Q / What does the word ‘goodness’ mean to you?

A perfect balance between exercise, food, and skincare, while keeping your emotional self happy too.

Q / What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Me?? I had your left overs from last night! So… potatoes & green beans with pesto, then i had bacon strips fried in mct oil… and my carrot salad with eggplants, olives, apple cidar vinegar, and cherry tomatoes. Oh yeah, and a cup of mulberry tea.

Q / What’s the last thing you googled?

[She checks her phone] Something called EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s like tapping… tapping… it’s uses the Chinese meridian system by tapping points on our bodies, it’s said to improve physical performance and emotional stability.

Q / You practice Reiki, tell me what it’s like to experience it?

Ah… what it’s like… I’m just gonna be honest, some people don’t feel it, but it’s always working. It’s like electricity; you don’t need to see it to know that it’s working. When a person connects well with it, that person sees colours, feels extreme peace, or just knocks out and falls asleep. Some people even have emotional breakouts and start crying. Few Reiki practitioners can see your deep problems, but me… when I do it to myself I just feel extreme peace and a kind of warmth. If im in bed and can’t sleep, I start by focusing on each of my chakras and usually I pass out by the 3rd or 4th one. I sent it to an overseas friend once who said he felt an incredible warmth on his heart chakra, without even knowing that I was focusing on my own heart at the time. I dont wanna prove it to anyone though, I just do it for myself and anyone who asks for it. Is that good enough?

Q / Take us through your all-homemade, all-natural skin routine (eggs, honey and all!)

After a day at work, I come home and remove my makeup with coconut oil. Then I wash my face with a coconut oil based facewash, and pat dry. Next, I apply my homemade toner (filtered water, apple cider vinegar, a few drops of lavender oil). It’s been the greatest thing. I have so many expensive toners and this is so, so much better. I either apply this with a cotton pad, or just tap it onto my skin with my hands. I don’t use creams on my face anymore, the oils in the products I use on my face are enough. I do sometimes apply argan or rosehip oil on my face before bed. The belief that having oily skin means that you shouldn’t apply more oil to your face is untrue. However, I don’t apply coconut oil to my face overnight because it can be comodogenic and can cause breakouts.

On spots, I apply raw honey to them at night and cover with some medical tape. Usually they’re gone in the morning – or at least much, much smaller. Twice a week I like to do something different like a yoghurt mask or an egg yolk mask, and most days I clay masque but wash it off before it dries completely – otherwise it becomes too drying.

But of course with skincare I find that my skin is ruled by my gut and my heart. When I eat junk, my skin looks junk. When I’m stressed or in a low place [emotionally], my skin also looks junk. It starts on my plate and continues into my home, then finally my mind, heart, and body.

Q / What’s the weirdest thing you’ve put on my face?

Probably toothpaste I guess… those were the days, I’m sure we’ve all done it.

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