1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
This morning I had a brioche and a croissant… The croissant was kinda sweet, I thought it was gonna be [Me: yeah the Italian way is a little different] I’m not crazy about it. It’s not the French way that’s for sure! And some freshly squeezed orange juice.

2. What do you usually smell like?
I usually smell like Santal 33 by Le Labo. I splash that on and just… run! [laughs] And a little bit of sweat. Good sweat though. [Me: salty sweat?] My wife says she likes my sweaty smell. [laughs]

3. Where would you escape to during a zombie apocalypse?
Where would I escape to? I would hope some sort of adventure storage you know, so I could then sit and look at shit while the zombies are running around the town… So I could look closer at things and study things better [Me: just keep a bow and arrow on your back so you can just shoot a few] Yeah… you know what I mean.

4. What’s the best thing about what you’re wearing today?
This is something that I’m working on but this is the original vintage inspiration piece. The best thing about it is that it’s FREE because I’m literally wearing this [he stands up to show off his liberating ensemble, a long ] So yes, free [laughing].

5. Tea or Coffee?
Tea. I’m a no caffeine kinda guy. Coffee only when I’m in Haiti, which is kinda funny but it was part of my upbringing [Me: ok, so it’s a nostalgic thing] exactly, exactly, no where else.

6. Winter or Summer?
Winter because of all the layering, summer because I prefer the weather. But winter for sure because I love to layer.

7. What’s the most special vintage piece you own?
Oh man, most special vintage piece I’d say my beard [laughs] [Me: when was the last time you were clean shaven?] Oh man, nah this is probably like 11-12-13 years ago! Yeah I haven’t seen my face! My wife always says, ‘I haven’t seen your chin!’ [Me: does she remember what your chin looks like?] Not quite… she’s seen it in pictures. [laughing]

8. What is your ultimate jacket button made of?
Mmmm… that’s interesting. Oh man, I don’t think I could think that far, I would say something natural? Maybe bone or horn? [Me: are the buttons for your clothes US made?] Yes, US made buttons but I’m actually working with a young lady who does a lot of natural buttons locally and I’m gonna dive into that a whole lot more. I’m glad you asked that button question.

9. What would you cook for your woman on a special occasion?
So where would we be? Are we in the States? in Haiti? or anywhere in the world? [Me: ultimate situation.] Ulllltimate situation… I’m not the greatest cook. She doesn’t eat goat but I love to cook goat and I love to eat it [Me: curry goat?] YES! Curry goat! But for her, I would say jerk chicken. Oven baked jerk chicken. [Me: yeah curry goat is something very special] LOVE IT.

10. But do you even lift bro? I don’t. I lift my woman. [laughs]

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