The Ponytail Show: Ben Fife

Ben Fife is founder of Westward Leather Company in Spokane, Washington state. The company is platform to Ben's leather goods, all artisan made by the man himself. Our theme music is by E.L.Mahon. Ponytail Journal · The Ponytail Show - Episode 22: Ben Fife
Know First with Max Wastler

Know First with Max Wastler

Last week I had the absolute treat to speak to my buddy Max on his new podcast 'Know First' about W'menswear and how it came about - which means we dove into my background and the things I find meaning from. I remember looking at Max's blog All Plaid Out when I was at university, back in the blogg..…

The Ponytail Show: Mari Jacobson

Mari Jacobson is retail operations manager at Standard and Strange in Oakland, CA. She is passionate about starting a conversation on inclusivity in the denim and heritage industry. Our theme music is by E.L. Mahon. Ponytail Journal · The Ponytail Show - Episode 21: Mari Jacobson

The Ponytail Show: Jeremy Smith

Jeremy is co-founder of Standard & Strange, a retailer of high-end and artisan made menswear based in Oakland, California. Our theme music is by E.L. Mahon. Ponytail Journal · The Ponytail Show - Episode 20: Jeremy Smith

The Ponytail Show: Jared Ray Johnson

Jared is co-founder of Season Three, an outdoor lifestyle brand influenced by creative culture that has launched this year. They believe that thoughtful design is for everyone. Our theme music is by E.L. Mahon. Ponytail Journal · The Ponytail Show - Episode 19: Jared Ray Johnson

The Ponytail Show: Amy Leverton

Amy Leverton, author of ‘Denim Dudes’ and ‘Denim Dudettes’, has been working in the denim industry since 2003. She spent her career as denim and casual wear designer, as well as trend forecasting and consultancy. She has worked for the two world’s leading trend forecasting sites; WGSN and Styles...

The Ponytail Show: Tin and Ed

Tin and Ed are Australian artists and creative technologists based in New York. They use art to envision the world through a lens of interconnectedness. They are current members of NEW INC, the art and technology incubator run by the New Museum. Our theme music is by E.L. Mahon. Ponytail Jo...

The Ponytail Show: Nigel Cabourn

Nigel Cabourn is an authentic British menswear designer and public figure. He joins me from his design studio in Newcastle to talk about his father who served in Burma during WWII. Our theme music is by E.L. Mahon. Ponytail Journal · The Ponytail Show - Episode 16: Nigel Cabourn

The Ponytail Show: Max Wastler

Max Wastler founded 'All Paid Out', a blog focused on clothes and objects made with integrity, as well as the manufacture of heritage goods in America. His career has been spent building, or in many cases, re-building brands and their cultures. Our theme music is by E.L. Mahon Ponytail Jour...

The Ponytail Show: David Gensler

David Gensler is founder of the Vanish brand, a cultural platform he likes to call ‘curated escapism’ that helps inspire people to get into the great outdoors. Today we chat about his multi-faceted career and how FISHING called him to action! Our theme music is by the talented E.L.Mahon. Pon...

The Ponytail Show: Carrie and Shinya Hasegawa

Carrie and Shinya Hasegawa are the founders of Battenwear, a thoughtfully designed outdoor wear brand based in the U.S. The brand makes their gear in America, and has been focused on quality, detail, and functionality since their beginnings in 2011. Our theme music is by the talented E.L. Maho...

The Ponytail Show: Bob Frankel

Let's talk about industrial hemp !!! Today on the podcast, Bob Frankel from Jungmaven is up to chat about the wonders of hemp as a fabric, as a crop, and a niche industry with just a handful of countries that actually grow this modest fibre. We also touch on how the radical brand has been naviga..…