Did I ever mention that I love timber? In Thailand, there seems to be an abundance of recycled timber. So it makes me very happy when I see these very beautiful, big ol’ pieces being put to good use like at If I were a carpenter. What a lovely ring the name has too! Im not sure if it is a direct reference to the Bobby Darin song, but it gives me a child-like sense of excitement to think about the art of constructing things. Tucked away in Ekkmai soi 10, this showroom of reclaimed-wood furniture and handcrafted goods sure puts the ‘t’ in tactile. Each piece showcases the impressive skill set of our local Thai carpenters, and the devil is really in the detail with such rustic woodwork.

Here you will find selected works from their carpentry studio alongside found objects, vintage carpenter’s tools, epiphytes, a collection of ceramics by Thai artist Suchon Khutchaikun, shrubbery, and shots of their other pieces on positive film. I particularly enjoy their Edison bulb lamps that shed a warm glow against the cold cement-rendered walls, mirrored by the firefly like iridescence of the storefront after dark.

For this post I also managed to catch If I were a carpenter’s first exhibition too – “Selected Dreams” by Teaspoon Studio is currently showing in the space until the 21st of July.


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