One of the fabrics in the W’menswear SS20 collection that we can’t rave enough about is H2OFF. Not only does the sound gives you a fun visual of rain bouncing off the fabric's surface, but the qualities it holds is also special.

H2OFF is a 100% polyester ripstop, made using water repellency technology from Japan. It is durable, lightweight, and has a soft hand feel that resists dirt, decay, and mold. The truely fascinating qualities of H2OFF is its extremely high water-resistant property, achieved without the use of any surface coating. This is achieved by weaving the polyester microfiber tightly, creating a high-density weave structure that prevents water from penetrating through. What's important to note is that despite barely having any space between fibers, it has superior breathability that passively allows water vapor from our body to diffuse through them while keeping any external liquid out. Neat huh?

To exercise the potential of this fabric, we got all hands on deck into designing the W’menswear Spray Coat that combines functionality and comfort. We geared the coat with a removable hood that pulls up over the head and a back cape which allows for extra breathability. During the wet and cold weather, the raglan sleeve and relaxed body fit allows room for a sweater for added warmth. We know that cold hands are no fun, and rest assure we got that covered with pockets and adjustable cuffs at the wrists.

Whether you are an urban commuter or rainy day hiker, this Spray Coat will surely protect you from the external wet forces, keeping you nice and dry while freeing your hands from the need of an umbrella.

Editorial photos by Eric Kvatek

Words by Buranee Soh

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