W’M CULTURE CLUB : Tash Sultana

W’M CULTURE CLUB : Tash Sultana

Last week a close friend of mine introduced me to Tash Sultana, and it literally blew my mind away! Apparently, she’s super famous with songs that have over 100 million streams. Totally feeling like a frog stuck in a well right now. If you never heard of her before, boy oh boy, you’re in for a soul radiating treat!

I Wiki-ed her up, and Tash is an Australian singer-songwriter that fuses psychedelic rock, reggae with R&B. She is a ‘one-person band’ known for layering guitar riffs and drum beats with her smooth voice that send chills down the spine in an oh-so-good way. The very first piece I was exposed to was a YouTube video called ‘Jungle’ (a live bedroom recording) uploaded in 2016. The 7 min video might look lengthy, but her crisp yet experimental jam is bound to leave one breathless. It's what being in control while free falling look like.

Another good one to listen to is ‘Notion’. The instrumental intro takes one on a trance-y journey within while making us lose all sense of time and space. Listening to songs like these makes me curious about what’s below the iceberg. To convey such complex emotions in an uplifting way, one must have gone through the darkness. For that, I have huge respect. Tash's passion for what she does is infectious. Her work radiates so much soulful energy to this world, to mine, and I hope to you folks as well!


Words by Buranee Soh, Cover photo Wileyartist

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