Just a blink away from Tokyo, we’ve been looking into the delightful town of Hayama in Kanagawa prefecture. The town withstands balmy long summers and short cool winters – the perfect place to have a dream house in our eyes. The sea breeze, sun, clay mountains, waves, and eclectic mix of locals and Tokyo escapees sport a bohemian culture that celebrate a more Californian outlook on life. Here you’ll find some quaint cafes, coffee shops, artist spaces, organic stores, and beach bars that feel ultra DIY while all the same nailing it at funnest vibes possible.

Today we’re taking you into Karabashi cafe, a joint that takes hold of summer and serves up a simple daily menu that shows pride in local produce. Upstairs you’ll find a fun art space where visitors can engage with emerging and mid-career Japanese artists. Picture line caught local mackerel made into a simple yet tasty vegetable curry, served with humble organic brown rice and a classic Japanese style macaroni salad. Homely, clean, and a party of local ingredients.

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1014 Horiuchi Hayama Miura-gun Kanagawa
神奈川県 三浦郡葉山町 堀内 1014
12-5pm lunch
7-11pm dinner

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