My recipe for home made mayo is really good for you. Pastured eggs are definitely a superfood to me. Eggs that come from chickens that are free to roam and forage through the grass are enriched with goodness from both the sun and the soil. In the past, egg yolks were put into the ‘high cholesterol’ basket and people steered clear as they did coconut oil. Now we know that the nutrient profile of egg yolks are incredibly high in fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids like omega-3 and vitamins A, E, D, and K (amongst many other nutrients). To me an egg is complete nutrition, and should play a leading role in the drama of our daily eating.

Here is my trusty formula for mayonnaise. Because there are raw egg yolks in it, fresh eggs are imperative (and need not say they should be free range, or better, biodynamic) but if you don’t like the idea of having raw eggs you can do the whole process over a bain-marie (or a bowl on top of a saucepan of boiling water) to gently cook the egg proteins without scrambling the eggs. In actual fact, cooking the yolks this way using melted butter and lemon juice will give you Hollandaise sauce! Have fun with your mayo! Experiment by adding different herbs and spices, or dollop it onto dishes to give them a luxurious richness (not to mention, it makes for a kick-arse coleslaw!)


Whole Lotta’ Goodness Mayonnaise

You will need:
2 fresh free range / biodynamic eggs
200ml of your choice of extra virgin olive oil / avocado oil / melted grass fed butter / macadamia oil
sea salt
1/4 of a lemon or 2tsp apple cider vinegar
1tsp dijon mustard (organic if you can get your hands on some)

Separate your eggs by cracking each one into your hand that is directly above a glass or small container. Let the whites pass through your fingers, and place the yolks into a small mixing bowl or glass jug. Squeeze the lemon or pour the vinegar onto the yolks, and drop in the mustard. With a hand held beater on high, beat the yolks until they become pale in colour, then start to pour a super thin stream of oil as the beater is running. If you pour too much oil in at one time the mayonnaise will split, so it is crucial that the tiny stream of oil is poured steadily. Continue until you have used all of the oil. Season to taste with salt.

Store in an airtight, sterilised container in the fridge.

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