Ponytail Festive Roast Pork

Ponytail Festive Roast Pork

For me, cooking the Christmas meal for my favourite people is one of the joys of existence but I know for many it can quickly turn into a stressful mess. This recipe is all about the brine that you soak your pork in 24 hours before you want to cook. That is my little trick that will make sure you have the most tender roast possible, and with as little fuss. Hopefully with my tried and tested Ponytail roast pork recipe here, you will be as chill as a cucumber when the doorbell rings and the fat lady sings.

I will say one thing, when you have your first bite of this unctious pork, it will take you somewhere else.

Merry Christmas friends!


Recipe created by Lauren, documented on her smartphone. Watch the tutorial videos here on instagram.

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